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Finding Insurance

The online health insurance website eHealthinsurance continues to be one of the best sources for self employed health insurances options in our opinion. 

Health Insurance Advice for Self Employed Individuals or Small Business Owners Attempting to Find Health Insurance


Finding Health Insurance if You Are Self-Employed

Self employed individuals and small business owners are separated from those employed by companies due to their lack of employer provided access to a company sponsored health insurance plan. Many people, as a result of job loss or the recession, are now looking for individual health insurance for perhaps the first time in their adult life and it can be a daunting task.

Many people go without health insurance  just because it is such an exasperating experience. Some eventually find health insurance  after extensive research though most relate the policy premiums are more expensive than they expected.  Others, who are in good health, bet on remaining that way and forego health insurance or get catastrophic coverage policies with lower premiums and higher deductibles.  Some may be lucky enough to have a well insured partner.

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The unluckiest are those that find themselves uninsured with chronic health problems or pre-existing conditions that disqualify them from individual health insurance altogether. These unfortunate people may have to abandon their dreams of self employed freedom and seek a job back in the corporate world solely based on the availability of company provided health insurance.

One of the recurring complaints regarding the problems associated with self employed health insurance is the state by state variations. Your health insurance options often will vary greatly from state to state. A valuable tool for tose searching is The site, maintained by the Georgetown Health Policy Institute, shows a map of the country that covers everything from what kinds of programs are available to small-business owners to whether there is a high-risk pool available for those who have been rejected by insurance providers.

Every article on the internet related to finding individual health insurance will tell you to research local chambers of commerce, small business associations and even AARP.  If you are reasonably healthy and have a basic knowledge of the workings and jargon associated with an individual health insurance policy, eHealthInsurance is probably your best bet. In business for well over a decade, they have offerings from about 80 different companies in most states.  eHealth offers the option of comparing several policies side by side and you can complete an application online in about 15 minutes without every speaking to an annoying salesperson.

While healthy business owners have to incur high costs and navigate a maze of health insurance choices, the truly unhealthy face the biggest challenges. Bankruptcies due to medical expenses constitute a growing number of the nationwide percentage. Otherwise successful entrepreneurs can lose everything they have worked for due to an ill timed and costly major illness. Sometimes the medical bills and time lost from work create a situation from which their is no recovery.

If you find yourself newly self employed and requiring individual health insurance or if you are just looking to replace existing self employed health insurance, we would strongly recommend checking out the online offerings of eHealthInsurance.  They are the leader in online health insurance sales since 1997 and offer you the ability to compare benefits of different policies side by side to make your informed buying decision easier. In many cases, it takes about 10 minutes and most policy documents can be signed online using their eSign technology. They have licensed agents available should you have questions.  No insurance agents will call or solicit you directly!

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