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Hereís the Solution To Your Self-Employed Health Insurance Struggles

The Problem:  Independent professionals and small business owners are simply unable to afford reliable self employed health insurance for themselves or their employees due to cost.

The Solution:  Trust the Self-Employed Insurance Group (SEIG). Our mission is to provide self employed health insurance solutions for you and yourSelf Employed Health Insurance Quote employees that you can actually afford.  That includes both major medical and catastrophic coverage.

Health insurance for self employed people is not always equal to health insurance for corporations. 
With most other companies, youíll find inadequate plans with minimal coverage, high premiums, and poor service. But SEIG brings you superior self employed health insurance policies from nationally recognized companies.  Youíll find a variety of small business and self-employed health insurance policies that are invitingly priced that offer benefits you would assume cost more. Now is the time to start managing your own self employed health insurance plan to protect you and your family.

Benefits of SEIGís Health Insurance for Self-Employed
The quality of these self employed health insurance policies simply canít be overstated.  SEIG has spent years developing relationships with long-standing, reputable companies so that we can offer small-business owners and the self employed health insurance coverage that brings peace of mind. 

The Health Insurance environment in the United States is changing rapidly with OBamaCare on the horizon.  Many companies are severely limiting benefits or doing away with health insurance completely due to rising costs.  The best advice is to manage your self-employed health insurance yourself!  Do not rely on your employer. Who has your best interest at heart?  Many individuals have been downsized with a reduction in health insurance benefits or they may have lost their job altogether.

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The Self Employed Insurance Group works in cooperation with nationally known and well established health insurance companies.  We are a direct underwriter and stress the fact we offer comprehensive major medical plans for the self employed; not discount plans. Through these partnerships, you are able to receive health insurance for self-employed individuals or small-business owners with impressive benefits including:

bulletA Choice of Doctors and Hospitals
bullet$5,000 Emergency Room Benefit
bullet Accident Coverage on Every Plan
bullet Available Critical Care Coverage
bullet Available Prescription Drug Coverage
bullet Term Life Included on Some Plans

 Plus youíll love our:

bulletOnline Quoting
bulletOnline Application
bullet48-hour Approval Process
bulletQuick, Efficient Service
bulletHelpful Insurance Plan Designers
bulletKnowledgeable, Caring Agents
bulletDedication To Providing Quality Health Insurance for the Self-Employed

Select From a Complete Array of Quality Products:

bulletComprehensive Major Medical Health Insurance
bulletHealth Savings Accounts
bulletGuaranteed Issue Plan with Dr. Visit Co-Pay
bulletTerm Life Plans

Choose from uniquely designed plans or contact our highly qualified plan designers for help with creating the self employed health insurance policy specifically for your situation.  Either way, you only pay for the coverage you need.

Contact SEIG today for a free quote on self-employed health insurance for you  and yourSelf Employed Health Insurance Quote business.


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Short Term Health Insurance may be the perfect "bridge" while you are in college or between jobs.  It is affordable, flexible and coverage may be effective in as little as 24 hours.

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Student Health Insurance

If you find yourself newly self employed and requiring individual health insurance or if you are just looking to replace existing self employed health insurance, we would strongly recommend checking out the online offerings of eHealthInsurance.  They are the leader in online health insurance sales since 1997 and offer you the ability to compare benefits of different policies side by side to make your informed buying decision easier. In many cases, it takes about 10 minutes and most policy documents can be signed online using their eSign technology. They have licensed agents available should you have questions.  No insurance agents will call or solicit you directly!

How much should you be saving on Health Insurance?





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