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For Students - Flexible and portable - choose your own doctors and hospitals, at home or at school   For Students - Year-round health insurance, not just during the school term
Flexible and affordable temporary health insurance for 1-12 months
Immediate protection - your coverage may start within 24 hours
Short, simple and secure online applications
Best prices available - get a free instant quote


Find Affordable Student Health Insurance


How can college students meet their needs with a Student insurance plan?

No matter what your specific needs, a Student health insurance plan can provide you with a valuable health insurance solution. Here are some examples illustrating how a Student health plan (e.g. the Student Select plan offered by Fortis Health) might help you:

Situation #1 (College-Sponsored Plan too "Bare-Bones"):
Jack is heading off to college in the fall. At college, he'll be outside of the HMO network region of his parents' health insurance plan, but Jack's parents want to make sure he has adequate health coverage. They did some research and found that the health insurance plan offered through the college is too "bare bones," with lots of limitations on coverage.

Jack's Solution:
Jack's situation is ideal for Student Select. It was designed specifically for students who need greater coverage at an affordable rate while attending college. The Student Select plan offers a choice of deductibles, and because it is not an HMO or PPO plan, Jack can pick the doctor or hospital he wishes to visit. The plan allows for up to $1 million in protection for eligible expenses, including in-hospital and outpatient services, emergency care and surgery.


Situation #2 (Can't Afford a Traditional Individual Health Insurance Plan):
Amy will be attending college next semester. Her school requires that she have some type of health insurance prior to the start of school. However, Amy doesn't have health insurance through her parents. And, she just can't afford the cost of a traditional individual health insurance plan. She can't risk going without coverage, but she needs a plan that will fit her tight budget.

Amy's Solution:
In many cases, Student Select costs less than a traditional individual health insurance plan. It was designed specifically for students who need quality coverage at an affordable rate while attending college.


Situation #3 (Graduate Student No Longer Eligible for Parents' Plan):
Bob is in graduate school and is about to turn 24-years old. He just found out that once he does, he will no longer be covered under his parents' health plan. His parents are worried about him not having health insurance.

Bob's Solution:
Student Select is ideal for Bob's situation. The plan is available to full-time graduate students and coverage can be obtained as early as the next day. Enrollment is simple and premiums are affordable. Best of all, Student Select is guaranteed renewable. This means that, provided that Bob attended school full time for 31 days after the policy effective date, Bob can keep the plan as long as he needs it, as long as premiums are paid. This is important after graduation while looking for a job.


Find Affordable Student Health Insurance


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